Finding Solutions – U Spring

The problem Our regular supplier who we had been using for some years was no longer supplying a U-Spring that we used in a testing instrument build. A new supplier was required. Process We provided specification drawings to potential suppliers, received quotes, and placed orders. Upon receipt of the new… Read More

Tenon Engineering’s Approach to Precision Assembly Solutions

Selecting a manufacturer with the right capabilities is critical for the success of any precision assembly project. Tenon Engineering is an experienced manufacturer of mechanical, electro and optical assemblies that are used in a wide range of demanding industries. Our global customers have been relying for decades on the… Read More

Investing in Inspection Equipment for Precision Manufacturing

Our recent purchase of the advanced Mitutoyo ROUNDTEST RA-2200 CNC instrument takes our already high standards in roundness and cylindricity measurement parameters one step further. Read more about our decision to invest in this cutting-edge inspection equipment in this informative article that first featured in Mitutoyo’s… Read More