Electromechanical Assembly

Flexible production regime

Tenon Engineering has built its reputation through a long history of producing complex and simple electromechanical assemblies for highly demanding customers and industries. From its foundation in rheology instrumentation, it has expanded into fields such as aviation, environmental protection and medical.

Tenon delivers complex electromechanical instrumentation to its customers as an integrated product, supported by its supply chain management and flexible production regime. This allows Tenon to take on new products and integrate them into its systems.

Electromechanical Instrument Assembly

Complex Assembly

Continuity, reliability and flexibility

We specialise in relatively low volume complex assemblies of around 50 to 500 units per annum. Through our flexible workforce training and rigorous production planning and control, we can seamlessly transition from building one range of products to the next, ensuring continuity, reliability, and flexibility. Our customers benefit by receiving a product of high quality that works the first time, every time.

We know that our customers will need to change products due to market demands or part obsolescence. Because we not only know how component parts are made, but also how they work together, we are able to support customers through this design change process to ensure continued supply of their product to market. This same attribute allows Tenon to troubleshoot complex problems in support of its customers.

electromechanical assembly