Cost-effective manufactured products

Tenon’s engineering team is the golden thread that enables it to be a leading manufacturer of complex products. It is supported by a wealth of experienced operating personnel that contribute their everyday knowledge of how best to make things. This combination gives Tenon a formidable advantage in understanding how to make things and therefore how to design things that can be made.

Our experience in component and product design, along with a long history of reverse engineering, gives us a depth of knowledge which we can apply for the benefit of our customers. This allows us to take innovative designs and turn them into physical and cost-effective manufactured products.

Design & Engineering Tenon

Stress analysis and finite element analysis

We use our production engineering skills to ensure we know how to make products reliably and efficiently. This may take the form of design and manufacture of production jigs and fixtures, confirming surface treatments, clear manufacturing instructions and managing relationships with our network of sub-contract suppliers.

Tenon engineers liaise directly with our customers to ensure we understand all production requirements clearly. We combine mechanical design expertise with electronic and embedded firmware skills to present a full design solution. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is enhanced through the day-to-day work our team carries out for Tenon’s sister company Wallace Instruments – a world leader in the field of materials testing equipment.

Our engineers have access to modern software tools including Solidworks PCB, CAD suites of Autodesk Inventor Professional, stress analysis and finite element analysis (typically used on 3D added manufacturing designs).

Design & Engineering Stress Analysis