Production planning, purchasing, stores and logistics

Tenon Engineering is able to deliver complex products on time to its customers because the necessary components and resources are always available and are in synchronisation with the production schedule.

We achieve this by rigorous systems and control of the supply chain. By using concepts like MTA (make to availability) and PTA (purchase to availability) we can ensure availability of components, whilst managing the investment in working capital.

Tenon Engineering’s Flow Department incorporates production planning, purchasing, stores and logistics. It is their job to manage the flow of our supplies and products through our whole production and delivery cycle. Quality management and production engineering are critical to the reliability of this system.

Safety, Quality and Delivery

Clear prioritisation schedules for production

The whole management team is responsible for our OTIF performance, and the Flow Department is the custodian of the systems that allow us to focus in the right areas.

Our MRP (Javelin) and Production Synchronization software (Ropeweaver) provide us with clear prioritisation schedules for production and allow us to identify any issues.

Through our long-established network of suppliers and sub-contractors, combined with our own production capacity, we are able to balance the cost and trade-off risk of the supply chain. As we do this every day for our own supply chain, we can readily integrate new products for customers.

Supply from stock
Tenon Supply Chain