Planning, design, manufacturing and delivery

Engineering excellence is strongly embedded in Tenon but good planning and organisation (be supply chain or production) ensure reliable and consistent execution.

Robust systems are essential for Tenon Engineering to be able to meet its customers’ expectations and maintain its ‘On Time In Full’ performance.

Our systems integrate the company’s priorities making them visible to all involved in planning, design, manufacturing and delivery. This is why we can keep the promises that we make to customers.

We use the following systems to achieve this aim:

  • RopeWeaver—Production prioritisation and scheduling
  • Javelin—The MRP heart of the system.
  • Seiki system—Shop floor data capture, driving efficiencies, monitoring constraints.
  • Salesforce—Our customer relationship management software.
  • Autodesk Inventor Professional—Our CAD suite
Safety, Quality and Delivery

The Tenon Proposition - A Systematic Approach

Tenon Systems Chart

Characterised by:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Reduced Lead Times
  • In Depth Supply Chain
  • Account Management