Multi - axis machining

Mazak Integrex 200 - IV ST - with RoboJob Turn Assist Robot system
Mazak Integrex 100 - IV ST - with RoboJob Turn Assist Robot system
5-Axis Hurco VMX 42SR
Dugard 4-axis mill
Hurco VM1—4 axis
XYZ Pro3000 Turret Mill with Protrak Control

CNC Lathes

Dugard Eagle 200
Dugard Eagle 100 with Bar Feeder (two machines)
Dugard eagle 200 MT

Manual machines

Colchester 2000 lathe long bed
Colchester 2000 lathe short bed
Myford 254V Tool Room lathe
Hardinge Super precision Tool Room Lathe
Jones & Shipman Universal Grinder 1300
Jones & Shipman Pedestal Centre Grinder
Jones & Shipman Surface Grinder 540L Series
Myford MG 12 Cylindrical Grinder (three machines)
Sunnen Horizontal Honing Machine
Christen 2-32 Cutter Grinder

Comprehensive Inspection Department

Temperature controlled Environment
CNC Controlled Measuring Machine Using PC-DMIS Software
Manual CMM
Trimos-V Height Gauge
Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer
Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 Vertical Profile Projector
Mitutoyo Roundtest RA-2200

Sheet metal and Fabrication

Gulfil GHE250 Guillotine 2.5m cut length 6mm cut thickness
Amada Laser 2.5kw Sheet metal laser Software—Radan.
Amada Punch Press
Piece-All Manual Punch Press
Welding—TIG, MIG and Oxy-Acetylene –Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel
Spot welding (2 machines)
Grindmaster 600mm wide
Adria Folder CNC 5 axis CNC
Amada Promecm Folder 3 axis CNC
Promecam Folder Manual
Boschet Notcher
Manual Box / Pan Folder
Starite Bandsaw
Roller—small and medium size
PJD Vibro vibrating Bowl Finishing—large and small machines
Peminserter PS2000 Insertion machine.
Studfast 800L Studwelder

Electrical test equipment and ancillary equipment

Voltage Insulation Tester for 500V & 1000V continuity
Digital Ohmeter for low resistance values.
LCR Meter for Inductance of motor windings.
PAT Tester
Winding machine for coil assembly
Thermal controlled ovens (3 units)
Thermal chambers for sample testing.
Ultrasonic cleaning tanks (3 units)
Vacuum Chamber (capacity 6.8Litre / -1 bar)

International Standards Room for all Wallace and compatible Products - CAD design software

Autodesk Inventor Professional suite