Precision Sheet Metal Work, Fabrication & CNC Machining

Precision and critical parts

Tenon offers low volume precision sheet metal work, fabrication and CNC machining for the production of precision and critical parts for its own complex assemblies as well as for its customers. We therefore understand the value of always having high-quality conforming parts.

The manufacture of low volume precision sheet metal work, fabrication and CNC machined components which always form part of our quality ethos. This is supported by rigorous production engineering, skilled staff, and a well-equipped quality assurance department.

Tenon Engineering works with customers to develop long term relationships which allow us to produce high quality parts on time. We focus on smaller batch, high quality machined parts, but we have pick and place robot availability to be able to deal with larger batches.

We understand that customers often cannot predict the exact timing of demand and often the lead time required by the customer may be shorter than the lead time offered by manufacturers. Tenon’s rolling supply Agreements (where we hold stock to reduce lead times and deal flexibly with demand fluctuations of the customer) offer an innovative solution to solve this dilemma.

Precision Machining & Fabrication

Completed to demanding quality standards

Our machining facility houses CNC turning machines, Mazak Integrex Machine Centres, 5-axis and 4-axis machines. The CNC resources are enhanced by our in-house cylindrical- and surface grinding, and manual machining capabilities.

Tenon Engineering’s precision fabrication department offers laser cutting and profiling, punching, bending, forming and welding, all completed to demanding quality standards.

We pride ourselves on our performance. This is achieved by clear and achievable production scheduling, taking account of capacity constraints. We manage day-to-day production flow through a system of priorities to ensure any unexpected delays or issues are dealt with effectively to avoid impact on delivery dates.