Efficient supply chains

The foundation for effective precision assembly is an efficient supply chain. The $64k nut is a term that is fully understood in this respect. The systems, processes and experience must be in place to ensure the necessary materials and components are always available and are in synchronisation with the production schedule.

From small and delicate to large and robust, our assemblies are always supported by an effective supply chain. For example, whether it is an intricate silver-soldered, nickel-plated unit with its complex wound copper tube, or the much larger, heavy duty Wallace Mooney Viscometer, both are good examples of a well-managed and synchronised supply chain.

These red handles are a good illustration of a smart sub-assembly involving machining, fabrication, plating, rubber coating and then finally painting. Many processes are involved that enable this part to be ready for the main assembly.

One of our contract camera assemblies involves the difficult dis-assemble and re-assemble of purchased lens sub-assemblies. This is small and fiddly work, but it is important to ensure that the concave and convex do not get incorrectly assembled. We use resources such as microscopes and clean environment rooms to facilitate a successful build and test of these specialist camera units.

Electromechanical assemblies

Electromechanical assemblies combine electrical circuitry and mechanical parts, often with embedded firmware, that perform critical roles in many products used in a variety of wide-ranging industries. Production of these assemblies is a key competence for Tenon Engineering and our in-house electronic and firmware engineers ensure we can deliver the most complex, customised electromechanical assemblies for customers across the globe.

Our electromechanical “wonders”, as we like to call them, can often be small and intricate, such as this camera assembly and the fine wired coil on a sub-assembly. They require focus, a delicate touch, and rely on the skill of our dexterous assembly team.

Stator motors

We specialise in supplying stator motors for some of our major customers and have perfected the method of building stators, cores and windings for R&D projects and low volume production. The assembly process is complex and can be difficult but our extensive range of equipment and resources provide the flexibility to tackle any production challenges and fulfil our clients’ needs.

This is a multipole wound stator motor, utilising lamination material from Germany, stamped in Kent, heat treated in Birmingham, bonded, wound and assembled at Tenon Engineering in Surrey demonstrating that it is not only technical competence but supply chain management that brings this part to completion.

The value of basic tools and techniques

However complex the product, it is often the simple tools that are so valuable for assembly. It may appear the most basic of techniques but thorough attention to cleaning before final assembly is so very important. It may end up shiny and sparkly, but bling can be good.

We use a magnifying glass with soft light stand for soldering extremely fine wire and a microscope is used for checking the quality of a PCB or a jewelled housing, with 6 thousandth of an inch hole, to check the integrity of the glass insert.

These may not be expensive pieces of equipment but are nonetheless still valuable and essential tools that we rely upon to satisfy the demands of our customers and assist our skilled technicians in maintaining the high-quality standards that we are known for.

Manufacturing and assembly solutions from Tenon Engineering

Our extensive capabilities, resources, expertise, and willingness to work closely with our customers are the reasons why Tenon Engineering can solve our clients’ challenges. Whatever stage your project is at, if you are struggling to find cost-effective manufacturing and assembly solutions then please get in touch to discover how we can help and assist you to bring a project to successful completion.

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